О приостановлении и запрещении деятельности общественных объединений

О приостановлении и запрещении деятельности общественных объединений
Номер документа 1103
Издатель документа Парламент Грузии
Дата издания 14/11/1997
Тип документа Органический закон Грузии
Источник опубликования, дата Парламентские ведомости, 46, 03/12/1997
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Консолидированный публикации
Парламентские ведомости, 46, 03/12/1997
О приостановлении и запрещении деятельности общественных объединений
Парламент Грузии

Консолидированная версия (Окончательный вариант)




Article 1

This law determines the grounds and the procedures for the suspension and prohibition of activities of non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entities, trade unions and other public associations.

Law of Georgia No 3973 of 14 December 2006 - LHG I, № 48, 22.12.2006, Art. 340


Article 2

The activities of public associations shall be suspended or prohibited only by a court decision in cases prescribed under this Law and in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Georgia.


Article 3

1. A court may suspend the activities of the public association for up to three months, which has substantially engaged itself in entrepreneurial activities.

2. After the expiry of the term of suspension of activities of a public association which has been set by a court, the public association shall resume its activities.


Article 4

The court may ban a public association that aims to overthrow or forcibly change the constitutional order of Georgia, to infringe on the independence and territorial integrity of the country, or to propagandise war or violence, to stir up national, ethnic, religious, or social strife, or that is forming or has formed an armed group, or that resumes the activities laid down in Article 3(1) of this Law after the suspension of its activities by a court.


Article 41

A public association shall be deprived of the right to carry out activities and shall be liquidated on the basis of a judgment of a conviction that has entered into legal force against the public association.

Law of Georgia No 3537 of 25 July 2006- LHG I, № 37, 7.8.2006.


Article 5

The decision of a court to suspend or ban public associations may be appealed in compliance with the procedures determined by the legislation of Georgia.


Article 6

After banning a public association, its remaining property shall be distributed in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.


Article 7

This Law shall enter into force upon its promulgation.



President of Georgia                                                                                                                                            Eduard Shevardnadze


November 14, 1997

No 1103–I

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