The Information Technologies and Marketing Unit

Mikheil Davidovi advisor

The Information Technologies and Marketing Unit shall:

a) introduce state-of-the-art information and communication technologies, and thereby facilitate and promote the proper functioning of the Matsne;

b) ensure the proper functioning and administration of the Matsne’s website, and coordinate and supervise the activities of the structural units of the Matsne in the field of information and communication technologies;

c) set up and improve the computer and communications network of the Matsne, install and administer a local computer network, ensure the operation of the local computer network of the Matsne and provide access to the internet;

d) assist the staff members of the Matsne in learning state-of-the-art computer technologies by organising appropriate training sessions, and by obtaining and preparing guides and reference materials;

e) identify, examine and introduce state-of-the-art and innovative systems required for services rendered by the Matsne;

f) prepare the marketing strategy of the Matsne, ensure its introduction and implementation, and monitor its execution by other units.

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