The Electronic and Printed Publications Unit

Nino Kvaratskhelia Head of the Electronic and Printed Publications Unit


Maka Chighlashvili advisor


Tamta Phailodze advisor


Natalia Varadashvili advisor


Nato Dolidze advisor


Manana Gurabanidze advisor


Mzia Ramishvili advisor


Nino Nozadze advisor


Shorena Mirgatia advisor


Marina Kikvidze advisor


Edisher Asatiani Head of printing office



1. The Electronic and Printed Publications Unit shall:

a) process and publish on the Matsne’s website electronic versions of normative acts, individual legal acts subject to statutory publication, court decisions, other documents, and information;

b) publish statements and informational documents;

c) publish official translations on the Matsne's website;

d) prepare in printed form, publish and sell the official texts of normative acts and of individual legal acts as provided for by legislation or by contract, as well as manuals, action plans, booklets, reports and other informational data, and legal or other literature.

2. A normative act shall be submitted for publication to the Matsne by an interested agency, and the information whose publication is mandatory shall be submitted by the interested agency or person.

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