Download version

If you are an authorized user of the Legislative Herald of Georgia and often are in an environment where you do not have Internet access, you can without any extra charge download the offline search system from the Legislative Herald website, which will allow you to use the full base of the Legislative Herald without Internet access and find any desired legal act.

For the first release of the program, it is advisable to have fast Internet connection to download the entire legislative database on your computer in a relatively short period of time. The initial download of the complete database may take several hours.

The program will be automatically updated until you are an authorized user. After the termination of authorization, you can still use the offline search system as of the existing database.

Offline search system allows you to use the standard document search form. Search will be faster than search through the online use of Legislative Herald website.

Download Version allows you to read documents both in PDF and Word format.


Corporative Environment

Offline search system may be placed in the corporate environment as well. In this case, a company must allocate the server on which the program will be implemented according to standard instructions. Company employees will enter the internal browser address and use the system. A company must ensure the server configuration, access opening, and provision of relevant information to its employees. When installing the program in a corporate environment, please, contact us in order to activate the appropriate right.


Computer Requirements

  • Operating system Windows
  • At least 15 GB of free space on hard disk
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Installed browser Chrome or Firefox.
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